Maurice Chiang

Operating Partner

Maurice Chiang was the founder and CEO of Prairie Health, a telehealth platform delivering personalized, data-driven mental healthcare. Prairie leveraged AI on large phenotypic datasets and genetics to guide more informed clinical decision-making in psychiatry. Prairie raised venture capital from top institutional investors, and was sold to Carbon Health, a major tech-enabled clinic chain. Maurice stepped in at Carbon as General Manager of their mental health service line, developing Carbon’s integrated mental health program, and launching in a value-based deal with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts.

Maurice is a Venture Partner at OVO Fund, and an advisor to leading institutional early-stage VCs, where he focuses on  AI, 0-1 products, and early stage growth strategy in health-tech ventures. Maurice is on the advisory board and an angel investor in a number of early stage venture-backed startups.

Previously, Maurice spearheaded early patient platform development at Octave Bioscience. He received his BS in Bioengineering and MS in Computer Science from Stanford University, where he led ASES, a global entrepreneurship organization, and was a Mayfield Fellow. Maurice grew up in Nashville, Tennessee.